Read-Write Analyzers

Read Write Analyzers Guzik Read/Write Analyzers (RWA) work in conjunction with our Spinstands to write data to the disk media and read back the signal for detailed analysis. We have 3 RWA series available for DTR and non-DTR technologies. The RWA 4000, RWA DTR 3000 and RWA 2000 series offer upto 8Gbit/sec maximum write data rate and 3.2 GHz analog bandwidth for all parametric measurements. Each RWA features a pattern generator with 1psec resolution of bit pre-compensation and supports PRML chip integration. Servo writing and processing is provided for Guzik Spinstand models. Select the desired pre-amplifier (UP11, UP10 or UP8) as well as a variety of enhancements including programmable filters and PRML chip adapters.

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