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The Guzik GSA 6000 Series Signal Analyzers provide ultra high speed waveform capture and analysis in a display-less rack-mounted format. These digitizers address demanding ATE and OEM applications in avionics, military electronics, physics, astronomy, semiconductors, and a variety of other disciplines.

Guzik has been providing high bandwidth test solutions for over 25 years to the data storage industry for demanding head and media characterization, and now makes this waveform capture and analysis expertise available for a wider variety of applications.

Besides the industry-leading acquisition system at the core of the GSA 6000 family, the true differentiators of this product line lie in the 64 GB waveform memory depth combined with customizable hardware parametric processing. Unlike most oscilloscope products which handle analysis in software, the GSA 6000 utilizes FPGA based digital processing to handle a variety of measurement tasks – critical if measurement throughput is the primary concern. Customers can work with Guzik to develop measurement routines specific to their application and have them become part of the overall hardware processing offering. A Matlab driver is supplied to allow seamless operation with that tool, and users can export waveform data for import into Excel or a variety of other computation and math software.

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Spinstand Guzik Spinstands are designed to test Head Gimbal Assemblies (HGA), Head Stack Assemblies (HSA), Head Arm Assemblies (HAA), as well as a variety of disk media. Our spinstands and related analysis instruments are designed from the ground up to provide long term upgradability (where feasible) with the lowest possible cost of ownership. Users can utilize Guzik-supplied measurements, or develop their own customized proprietary measurements. Our spinstands provide an analysis environment free from crashes so users can focus their efforts on the measurement tasks and not on the system itself. The ultra-stable platforms are designed for recording densities of 720kTPI and features track following with residual RRO better than 7 nm, plus a high-bandwidth servo loop with typical NRRO of 0.2–0.6 nm.

A typical magnetic recording test system is comprised of the spinstand and several other components. The Guzik WITE32 test environment software coordinates the system activity, and in conjunction with the Guzik RWA Read-Write Analyzer and WDM Waveform Digitizer, provides the user with a variety of measurement and analysis data. Two spinstand models are available – the V2002 for non-DTR media and the DTR 3000 for both patterned and non-DTRmedia testing. A variety of required components and accessories are available for a wide range of recording head and media types, including choices for head amplifiers, head stack assemblies, cartridges, comb loaders, chucks, spindles and shrouds.

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Read-Write Analyzers

Read Write Analyzers Guzik Read/Write Analyzers (RWA) work in conjunction with our Spinstands to write data to the disk media and read back the signal for detailed analysis. We have 3 RWA series available for DTR and non-DTR technologies. The RWA 4000, RWA DTR 3000 and RWA 2000 series offer upto 8Gbit/sec maximum write data rate and 3.2 GHz analog bandwidth for all parametric measurements. Each RWA features a pattern generator with 1psec resolution of bit pre-compensation and supports PRML chip integration. Servo writing and processing is provided for Guzik Spinstand models. Select the desired pre-amplifier (UP11, UP10 or UP8) as well as a variety of enhancements including programmable filters and PRML chip adapters.

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The proper head amplifier and preamplifier selection is critical to ensuring read and write head signal fidelity. As recording head and head amplifier requirements change, Guzik test systems have been designed to allow constant upgradability. Our head amplifiers are mounted away from the actual head cartridge itself, making cartridges more re-usable over time. Our preamplifiers are universal in nature, allowing a variety of head/amplifier combinations to utilize them and ensuring signal fidelity is maintained from the head itself to the analysis instrumentation.

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Spinstand Besides the primary WITE32 Test Environment package at the heart of our spinstand-based test systems, Guzik offers a variety of software options to provide additional measurement accuracy and analysis. Control and Automation software enhances various electro-mechanical capabilities of the test system (such as servo accuracy), and the available suite of Analysis software tools provides deep insight into the drive component under evaluation. Adjacent Track Interference, 3D Pulse Profile, Media Scanning and Bit Error Rate are examples of some of the optional additions. Some software tools require the WDM5000 Waveform Digitizer to be part of the overall test system.

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Accessory When configuring Guzik Spinstand/RWA based test systems, the user has important choices to make regarding a variety of important system aspects related to which recording head and media is being tested. For spinstand configurations, decisions must be made related to the Head stack assembly (HSA), the cartridge, the combloader and the head amplifier. Media centric decisions include the spindle, the chuck and the shroud assembly. When configuring a Read/Write Analyzer, the user first must choose a model (2,3 or 4 GHz) and then may need to choose a pre-amplifier, software, filters/differentiators and PRML chip adapters depending on the device being tested.

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