The Guzik GSA 6000 Series Signal Analyzers provide ultra high speed waveform capture and analysis in a display-less rack-mounted format. These digitizers address demanding ATE and OEM applications in avionics, military electronics, physics, astronomy, semiconductors, and a variety of other disciplines.

Guzik has been providing high bandwidth test solutions for over 25 years to the data storage industry for demanding head and media characterization, and now makes this waveform capture and analysis expertise available for a wider variety of applications.

Besides the industry-leading acquisition system at the core of the GSA 6000 family, the true differentiators of this product line lie in the 64 GB waveform memory depth combined with customizable hardware parametric processing. Unlike most oscilloscope products which handle analysis in software, the GSA 6000 utilizes FPGA based digital processing to handle a variety of measurement tasks – critical if measurement throughput is the primary concern. Customers can work with Guzik to develop measurement routines specific to their application and have them become part of the overall hardware processing offering. A Matlab driver is supplied to allow seamless operation with that tool, and users can export waveform data for import into Excel or a variety of other computation and math software.

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